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Do you simply want a massage for relaxation? Or do you need symptom relief for a certain health condition? These are good questions to ask yourself before you get a massage. 

Techniques used in massages range from long, smooth strokes to short, percussive strokes. Some massage therapist use oils and lotions; others do not. A massage can last any where from 5 minutes to 90 mins.
Our Massage Therapist can customize your massage, depending on your age, condition, or special goals you may have. Before booking a massage, it is recommended that you communicate with our professional massage therapist and let them know the type of massage you are looking to experience. 

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Swedish Massage:

Swedish massage uses softer strokes on the more delicate body parts and stronger strokes where the thicker muscles are on the body. There are five primary strokes involved in Swedish Massage. They are effleurage, petrissage, friction, tapotement and vibration. 

Effleurage strokes are long, flowing strokes; this allows the therapist to feel the muscle tone throughout the body.

Petrissage is a kneading stroke that lifts and squeezes the tissue and it helps flush out metabolic waste in that area. 

Friction is strokes that involve fast, short movement that create heat. This is good to bring blood flow to that area and is great for loosening the ligaments. 

Tapotement is a series of light gentle, blows to the body designed to relax a muscle. This is the stroke most people are familiar with and sometimes looks like alternating karate chops.

 Vibration is a stroke that is used to create movement in the entire body, and is very relaxing. 

Deep Tissue Massage:

 A Deep Tissue Massage is a series of slow, specific and deliberate strokes and is best suited for postural deviance and abnormal muscle tone. The massage therapist will choose between several strokes, depending on the size of the muscle that they are working on. They will "hook in" and start a slow moving stroke and apply pressure into the muscle. The muscle will then slowly begin to release and allow the therapist to move along it. 

Sports Massage: 

A Sports massage uses a variation of methods to help athletes in training -- before, during, or after sporting events. Athletes might use it to endorse flexibility and help avoid injuries. Or, it may help aiding with existing muscle strains, sprains, tightness, and stiffness. 

Chair Massage:

Chair massages are offered in our office and typically range from 10-20 minutes a session. Chair massage are done while you're seated fully clothed in a portable, specially designed chair. It usually involves a  massage of the neck, shoulders, back, arms, and hands. 

Pregnancy Massage:

 During pregnancy, the body goes through major changes. Massages during pregnancy can help with these changes by reducing stress, arm and leg swelling, and relieving muscle, joint, and back pain. At Health First Chiropractic our massage therapists will use pillows during the massage and will help you get into a comfortable position.

Sports Massage Therapy, Health First Chiropractic Altoona PA 16602

90 Min Sessions: $90

60 Min Sessions: $65

30 Min Sessions: $40

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